The Flying Wing

Flight trials have been a great success and the Northrup YB-49 Flying Wing is AVAILABLE NOW as a limited edition kit that can be ordered on this website for $129.95, plus shipping and handling.

The designers and manufacturers have taken care to provide an authentic finely detailed model airplane that we believe is the best Flying Wing on the market today. Photographers showing examples of the plane being assembled appear below or, treat yourself CLICK HERE FOR A REAL PLAYER VIDEO.

The Hi-Q Products SkunkWorks
YB-49 Flying Wing Kit Includes:

Pre-Cut Wing Cores (Styrofoam)
Jet Engine Nacelles
Tails and Rudder Filets
Decals (USAF Insignia)
Cockpit Canopy
Firestation Canopy
Bomber Canopy
Battery Tray & Cover
Engine Faring
Motor Mount
Breaking the elevon free.
Filling in servo tunnels.
Cutting the elevons.
Servos installed.
Epoxy in control horns.
Taping the inside elevon.

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